Day Dream

I am wide awake

though I feel like sleeping

I am much aware

though I refuse to care

I can travel on different places

while I’m stuck on this space

I’ve met people from all over the globe

while I’m still living in my own world

I am lucky to have this ability

the power to imagine from reality

and dream each day in every opportunity

For Pat

In my eyes, before

you were like a bimbo

pleasant to look at but empty inside


In my mind, before

you’re just an acquaintance

someone I know

but no significance


In my heart, before

you were nothing

you don’t matter

and no value in anything


However, in just a glimpse

everything has changed


In my eyes, now

you are exceptional

an alluring appearance

with a beautiful mind


In my mind, now

you’re my safe zone

someone I can turn to

when I’m on my weakest state


In my heart, now

you are a precious friend

a confidant that I can’t lose

my partner in crime


I never knew

that you would be this important to me

when I first met you

My perfect counterpart

Your mind

linked to mine


You can interpret

the words inside


Our hearts

seem connected


You can easily

fathom my emotion


My soul

matches yours


You can completely

understand me


In you, I found

My perfect counterpart


GfxE0XrYThere’s a war inside my head

a battle of emotions

erupting madness

the force to succumb to loneliness

contagious sadness

triggering confusion

inflicting fear

I want to shout and scream

this commotion inside

is like an endless suffering


it’s different outside

it’s all a facade

Happiness, is what they want to see

“I’m always happy”

that’s what everyone expect from



He said,

I am busy

She said,

It’s fine, I’ll wait


He said,

Please, wait for me

She said,

Of course, I have all the time for you


He said,

I can’t make it

She said,

I am already expecting it


He said,

Please understand

She said,

I always do


He said,

I promise I’ll make it up to you

She said,

Okay, just do


He said,

I am sorry again

She said,

No worries, it’s fine


He said,

I’ll be there

She said,

I’m not there anymore


He said,

Where are you?

She said,

I left, I  have other things to do


He said,

I miss you

She said,

I am tired, I can’t be with you


He said,

I love you

She said,

You’re too late, Adieu




He’s like my cup of coffee,

I can’t start my day without

its hot aroma

just made my day

the first sip is heaven in hell

I just can’t stop indulging

I am addicted to it,

just like how I am addicted to him

The Sound

Tick-tock, said the clock

This is the start of the waiting game

Tick -tick, my pen said

My patience is starting to fade

Tock-tock, that’s my stilettos

That’s it! I’m done! Good-bye!


My Passion

imagesWriting has been and will always be my passion… my first love. Several years ago, I created this account in an attempt to write and share my work to everyone. Due to lack of time, creativity and you can say confidence, I failed to update it.

Now I am trying again, hopefully this time I can really share my views, poetry and stories.

I want to share this verse from the bible Philippians 1:3.  for it helped me find the courage and inspiration to write again.