The Grief of a Son

She’s gone.

You don’t seem to be affected,

You laugh,

You made us believe that everything’s still normal.

However, I know…

Despite the strong façade you are showing

Your heart mourns the loss of her

It’s okay to cry,

You can cry…

Maybe, you think, you’re too old

That’s why you need to hold it

And have to hide the pain inside

But I know that in your heart,

that little boy remained and still lives

A son who loves his mother dearly,

and silently weeping,

the loss of the first ever woman he knew and loved.

It’s okay to cry,

You can cry…

Let that little boy’s grief shows

Let him mourn for now

Because after the son,

bid his last good bye to his mother

he will also be parting,

to that little boy in him,



All this time,

I don’t like Monday…

But now,

I am looking forward

for that Monday

to happen again…

Even if it will not be the same

as it used to be,

even if everything has changed.

Just one more Monday

to ease the pain,

to fill the longing

to let go of the regrets.

Please, just one more Monday

to start the closure

or maybe to close and start over,

Just one more Monday…

no- even just for

one last Monday

just one last…


though I am hoping it will not.




IMG_20180511_021356_519You lose your love
and act nostalgic
your heart break
and it consume you

you deal with grief
and confront it, (that’s good!)
but then you take it
to another level

It’s as if you’re enjoying the pain
this heartbreak causing you,
the way you keep seeking it out
Aren’t you tired of being melancholic?

Stop looking to the old picture
of your broken self, instead,
look at your whole new reflection
and learn to let go. YOU. HAVE. TO.

Sweet Escape

When it’s too much to bear

When you can no longer take it

When you don’t have the strength to continue

Then do this,

Lay down and close your eyes

Leave the world of reality

Enter the door of dream and fantasy

No you’re not losing, nor quitting

You’re just saving yourself

You just need more time to recuperate

So you can start again

For now sleep…

That’s your sweet escape

A letter to my old rival

she was once a beauty

admired by many


she was once a prize

you wanted so badly


she was my once upon a time

but she gave you her happily ever after


she was once my everything

and you left her with nothing


she was once a woman of the world

but because of you


she became a human

that has different world


what did you do

to the woman we both loved?

Day Dream

I am wide awake

though I feel like sleeping

I am much aware

though I refuse to care

I can travel on different places

while I’m stuck on this space

I’ve met people from all over the globe

while I’m still living in my own world

I am lucky to have this ability

the power to imagine from reality

and dream each day in every opportunity

For Pat

In my eyes, before

you were like a bimbo

pleasant to look at but empty inside


In my mind, before

you’re just an acquaintance

someone I know

but no significance


In my heart, before

you were nothing

you don’t matter

and no value in anything


However, in just a glimpse

everything has changed


In my eyes, now

you are exceptional

an alluring appearance

with a beautiful mind


In my mind, now

you’re my safe zone

someone I can turn to

when I’m on my weakest state


In my heart, now

you are a precious friend

a confidant that I can’t lose

my partner in crime


I never knew

that you would be this important to me

when I first met you

Odd Girl Writes

her bizarre thoughts

her baffling words

her strange actions

her written mysteries

that’s what you can get

from the odd girl who writes

My perfect counterpart

Your mind

linked to mine


You can interpret

the words inside


Our hearts

seem connected


You can easily

fathom my emotion


My soul

matches yours


You can completely

understand me


In you, I found

My perfect counterpart


GfxE0XrYThere’s a war inside my head

a battle of emotions

erupting madness

the force to succumb to loneliness

contagious sadness

triggering confusion

inflicting fear

I want to shout and scream

this commotion inside

is like an endless suffering


it’s different outside

it’s all a facade

Happiness, is what they want to see

“I’m always happy”

that’s what everyone expect from